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Originating in Tucson, the world‘s biggest platform for mineral and fossil trade, Granada Gallery has supplied the international art scene with extraordinary works of Fine Natural Design since 2013. Our concept is to blend geological relevance with contemporary design objects, and modern art with the breathtaking memory of evolution. We feature artists and contributors from all around the globe, each with one-of-a-kind objects and renowned in their craft, to help us create a captivating and informative experience based on the world of natural history and gemology. We cordially invite you to experience our concept at international events throughout the year.

Upcoming Exhibition:

January 27th to February 12th, 2017

338 N. Granada AVE. Tucson, AZ 85701 - Opening Hours 10am - 6pm

It is our great pleasure to be back at the origin of our gallery, in the heart of Tucson, for the annual Tuscon Gem and Mineral Show. We would like to invite you into our 1908 original arts and crafts style house and experience the latest exhibitions, showcases and artworks in Fine Natural Design. We look forward to welcoming you throughout the show! Stay up to date with us on Facebook or contact us for any additional information and inquiries.


Click here for a sneak peak to view inventory we will be featuring at our upcoming exhibition in Tucson.


Andreas Roth

Andreas Roth is a master engraver of gemstones. He acquired his carving skills in his fatherís workshop in Idar-Oberstein, Germany. He specializes in the manufacturing of larger and smaller cameos, as well as crafting modern, antique and classic gems, portrait engravings, intaglios and objects crafted in gemstones. His success has allowed him to participate in special exhibitions hosted in Japan, Israel, and Munich, just to name a few.

Victor Tuzlukov

Tuzlukov founded the Russian Faceters Guild, as well as the International Faceting Competition: "The Russian Open". In 2008 he won the US Faceting Competition with the maximum possible score, 100.00 points. He went on to set a new world record in the International Individual Faceting Championship in 2010. His 'Philosophical Stone' collection opened up a new dimension in gemstone cutting, using symbols in a pattern of facets.

Perry Brent Davis

Always driven creatively by his love of nature, Davis works to conceive and craft one-of-a-kind pieces that represent a fusion of Eastern and Western sculptural styles. Each stone is unique, some containing patterns and colors that can only be revealed by carefully removing the rough surface, layer by layer. As he brings the character of the stone itself to play, the spirit of surrealism, expressionism, and minimalism are also brought to light.

Wolfgang Vaatz

Having a painter and sculptor background, Vaatz uses a more experimental approach when creating jewelry, combining different metals and shapes, and constantly adjusting the technique. The major theme underlying in his jewelry continues to depict natural landscapes represented in the miniature carved scenes of mountains, hill country, southwestern desert, and the ocean.

Hendrik Hackl

Renowned artist and sculptor, Hendrik Hackl, is fascinated by prehistoric life. His works are creative depictions of moments from evolution, as he reawakens the past uniquely in the middle of our pulsating present.

Granada Garden

In our garden we feature local sculpture artists from Tucson to present their craft in larger than life format. The artists each share a unique take on the facets and building blocks of nature. With formations" from the desert in Arizona, fractal patterns welded into tetrahedrons, and are-visit of paleontological phenomena, these artists help to create an inviting space for our guests.

Granada Collection

The Granada Gallery Collection is a carefully selected, exclusive assemblage of the most valuable natural treasures from the areas of fossils, ammolites, and petrified pieces. Our collection provides the appropriate framework for worldwide one-of-a-kind findings of geological relevance and scientific contribution.

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