Mark Doolittle

“In my artwork, I try to express the dynamic form of growth and symmetry encountered in cells and tissues, as well as in whole organisms throughout the natural world.” Holding a Doctorate in Biology, Mark Doolittle now creates fine art vessels aimed at displaying the natural beauty and character of wood, emphasizing fissures and voids in the wood with turquoise inlay.

Nicolai Medvedev

Nicolai studied western European art in Ashkhabad and Moscow. However, his eye for pattern and color was inspired by daily life in his native Turkmenia, a land of carpets, mosques, and woven textiles. He finds his motifs by cutting through specimens to reveal images like wings of a butterfly or a lotus flower to use as a centerpiece. Nicolai has done this kind of work for over 40 years and has been well received for his lapidary artistry.

Scarpelli Pietra Dura

Inside century old Medici workshops, a creative symbiosis between artists, craftsmen, stone seekers, and color assemblers emerged. Precisely cut and color-matched individual stones were arranged to create a perfect composition of unique and complex mosaics, referred to as a “painting in stone” (pittura di pietra).